You have to give it to Republican attorney general candidate Ken Cuccinelli. Although always expecting a last minute barage of gutter negativity by liberal attack machines, it's never pleasant. But he has a keen wit that never fails to throw his opponents off balance. While on a last weekend tour of the state with running mates Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling, he decorated a broom and christened it "McBollenelli." It had the uncommon affect of gaining him several quotes in newspapers (see T-D) and sound bytes on television (see CBS6), almost unheard of when almost all focus is on the gubernatorial candidates. 

Meanwhile, his weak opponent was absent from print media and seen on televisions across the commonwealth standing meekly by the side of his fumbling running mate. Quite the contrast, not to mention a superior antidote, to the paid negative media launched at Senator Cuccinelli this past week.  


Will we see "McBollinelli" tomorrow night? Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling and Ken Cuccinelli (above) hope to use it in a sweep of Virginia's statewide elections.