Oops - Post Undermines Anti-Discrimination Argument

In its vitriolic attack on Republican candidate for Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, the Washington Post argues the following:

...since he would be empowered to issue opinions on such questions, how would he regard such firings generally in state government, in which a 110,000-strong workforce undoubtedly includes thousands of homosexuals?

It's the "includes thousands of homosexuals" line that is revealing. Never mind the likely exaggeration; if true, what is the need for anti-discrimination laws advocated for so passionately by the Post, homosexual lobbying groups and several candidates for office?  Seriously, when discussing anti-discrimination proposals, proponents would have us believe its impossible for a homosexual to find a job in state government. Apparently, however, there are thousands. Another crisis averted!

Oh well, I guess the intellectual inconsistency of the statist left should come as no surprise. It is, after all, the only way one can be on the left.