Pelosi's AmeriKa

Remember when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called attendees who opposed nationalized health care at this summer's Congressional town hall meetings, "Nazis"? Ironic, since "Nazi" was a word formed from an acronym that stood for "National Socialist," but apparently it's the speaker who's all in for totalitarianism. Here, she makes it clear that she thinks it's "fair" for people who don't get health insurance to go to jail, as is in a provision of the recently passed "Saturday Night House bill." But that's only a small part of it. Among many other loss-of-freedom provisions, the bill includes fines as well as forcing self-employed people out of the insurance they purchase, like it or not, into the government-run plan. Freedom in Amerika be damned.


Government knows best, don't ya know? Speaker Pelosi: No freedom for you. If you don't like it, go directly to jail and stay there until you change your mind!