Virginia News Stand: November 5, 2009

Annotations & Elucidations  In Transition

Not missing a beat, Governor-elect Bob McDonnell has gone into transition mode and all seems hunky-dory — Governor Tim Kaine has pledged to cue him in on the budget and give him "some breathing room" on the needed cuts so his successor won't have to make many crucial decisions so soon. It's a quirk in Virginia's budget cycle that the outgoing governor submits the new two-year budget. The new guv has to deal with it. Changing that, and perhaps moving the legislative session to start in February to give the new guy some "breathing room" might be  good places to start for the reform minded in the General Assembly and the new administration.

So, as you can guess, it's mostly transition news today, but we also have comment from McDonnell's campaign chairman, Ed Gillespie, in the Washington Post, wherein he relates lessons learned. Meanwhile, the AP offers analysis on who did not vote and why not. In National News, homosexual groups are steamed at . . . Barack Obama . . . for its huge setback and humbling loss in liberal Maine's marriage amendment referendum. (What's the record now? 0-32? The homosexual lobby was losing long before Barack Obama was an Illinois state senator.) The Post and have that fun little spat.


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National News:

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