Virginia News Stand: November 6, 2009

Annotations & Elucidations  A Nice Deep Breath

Computer problems hamper today's blog offerings, but I've managed to eek out a News Stand. Wasn't much going on statewide — it's a good time to take a deep politics breath and relax after the last several months. One item of note is that Attorney General-elect Ken Cuccinelli announced his transition plans. Otherwise, we found an article from about the robo call Chuck Colson made for us (hear it here) — lil' ol' us in a major national blog like that! We have a few pre-election leftovers and lots of great commentary about the election results from around the country, as well as ongoing health care "reform" coverage. Take it all in . . . and breathe easy . . . for a while, anyway.


*Colson urges vote in VA (

Cuccinelli transition team includes onetime McDonnell legal adversary (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Court order issued to stop review of Beach absentee ballots (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)

GOP House gains intensify competition in N.Virginia (Washington Post)

Democrats doubt depths of Amiral's private pockets (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)

Kaine to teach law, leadership after term (Washington Times)

Long-distance call from Alaska? (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Liberty University students head to the polls (Lynchburg News & Advance)

National News:

Southern Dems cast wary eye over election results (AP/

Democrats' concerns over abortion may imperil health bill (Washington Post)

'Kill the bill' protesters target health care (AP/

House health care vote set for Saturday (AP/

Senate blocks census citizenship question (AP/

Democrats fear triple blow on Election Day (Christian Science Monitor)


Is the Republican Party Going RINO Hunting? (Bobby Eberle/

Written off by the Media, Republicans Win Big! (Bobby Eberle/

Wow! Look At What the Establishment 'Republican' Just Did (Bobby Eberle/

Republican Leaders Seeing the Light and Going Conservative? (Bobby Eberle/

White House Postelection Arrogance (David Limbaugh/

The Death Of Deliberative Democracy (Michelle Malkin/

Blueprint For GOP Victories (Linda Cahvez/

NY23: What It Meant And What It Didn't Mean (John Ellis/

Better Or Worse? (Thomas Sowell/

A Stomach Ache For Our Sponsor (Brent Bozell/