BREAKING NEWS: Gov. Kaine Makes Headlines In Last 'Ask The Governor' Show

About an hour ago, Governor Tim Kaine created quite the stir on his last Ask The Governor show on WRVA radio in Richmond. When host Jimmy Barrett mentioned that this was, in fact, listeners' last chance to ask Governor Kaine a question, the governor rejoined that it wasn't so.

"They can come to the Christmas Tree lighting and open house tonight."

Barrett did what had to be a double take, noting that First Lady Anne Holton called it a "holiday tree."

"No, it's a Christmas Tree," the governor stated emphatically, which must have puzzled Barrett and his listeners since the PC crowd at the governor's mansion has called it a "holiday tree" the previous three years. Barrett rejoined that the governor needs to set his wife straight. (Sure enough, the governor's schedule gives conflicting statements, calling it a "Capitol Tree" and "Christmas Tree" in the same line.)

So, as his term draws to a close, Governor Kaine tries to give away benefits to "domestic partners" one day and the next he offers a moment of clarity. We'll take what we can get . . . with 44 days left.