Can The Truth Finally Be Told? Mark Warner, Way Out Fiscal Liberal!

The biggest mystery since the Easter Island must be the myth the Mark Warner (contact) is somehow a "fiscal conservative," not to mention these famous remarks (click here). Starting with his Virginia record tax increase (breaking a campaign pledge) in 2004 to his 50 percent increase in state spending while governor, it's unfortunate that too many in Virginia's business community helped perpetuate the myth. Now, please, can we do away with it once and for all? Senator Warner voted for $787 billion stimulus last winter in his first major vote. Then, he voted for the omnibus spending bill ("stimulus 2"). Now, within the last two weeks, he's voted for a $1.1 trillion spending bill ("stimulus 3") (see Richmond Times-Dispatch) and for the trillions-dollar-plus socialized medicine bill. Please tell me how this is fiscal conservatism?

Of course, don't tell that to the Washington Post, which published a feature Saturday on the senator's first year. Poor baby. He's frustrated that he can't get more of his Democrat colleagues to take a more centrist course. It's pretty frightening to think of Senator Warner's definition of "centrist" after stacking up centuries of debt on us. His early record shows little sign of centrism and almost every sign of way-out-on-the-left-wing-Barbara Boxer-Harry Reid-John Kerry-(pick your favorite liberal here)-leftist-elitist-liberalism. Let the lie die now, please.