Obama Again Ruins Small Business With Vacation Plans

He did it over the summer. Now, President Barack "Barry" Obama (as he called himself today when calling in to Governor Tim Kaine on WTOP radio, per Rosalind Helderman of the Washington Post) is about to do it again: ruin a small business with his vacation plans. It's horrible enough that he's destroying all business with his nationalization of the health care, financial and energy industries. (One estimate shows that if all his plans go through, 71 percent of GDP will be under government control, per U.S. Representative Michelle Bachman, a Minnesota Republican.) But does he also have to destroy local small businesses while he's enjoying himself on the beaches of Hawaii while the rest of us suffer from climate change on the freezing, snowy East Coast? You may remember that when he summered in Marxist Martha's Vineyard in August, he put a small air tour company out of work, and killed the business, since it relied on the short annual late summer tourist window for customers. But with the POTUS coming to town, security prohibited any local aircraft from going airborne. The same thing is happening in Hawaii, "Barry's" Christmas (or does he prefer "holiday"?) vacation spot. According to KITV's Web site, several local air tour businesses are going to get hurt, and hurt real bad.

From the article:

However, Pat Magie's seaplane tours will be sunk by the restrictions.

"We can't fly tourists. We can't train. We've got an enforced two-week vacation without pay," Magie said.

But Barry, family and friends will have a great ol' time on our dime. Never mind the little people. That's what we call a very Barry Christmas.