Virginia News Stand: December 14, 2009

Annotations & Elucidations Budget, Administrations In Transition

The GOP and the outgoing Kaine administration are going at each other over the budget he is soon to submit. It is very likely to include tax increases and some disturbing social policies directly in contrast to what voters expect given the overwhelming conservative victory last November. So, why do one anyway? The law, for one. Governor Tim Kaine, still is the governor until mid-January and the budget must be submitted before then. A case for budget making reform? One was made last year in the General Assembly, regarding the cycle and a new governor's ability to shape state spending his first year. It went nowhere. Which often is the seal of a good, common sense bill. Maybe this year. 

The other theme the media seems to have a preoccupation over is the makeup of Governor-elect Bob McDonnell's transition team. Surprise! Business people and supporters are in it! 


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