Virginia News Stand: December 22, 2009

Annotations & Elucidations Jesus' Home Found?

Not much regarding state news today. So slow, in fact, that even Barack "Barry from D.C." Obama had time to call in to WTOP radio to chat up Governor Tim Kaine. So we've loaded up, mostly, on what everyone is talking about: the health care bill — and the News Stand is loaded today, complete with news, analysis and commentary on health care, but other topics, too, including some thoughts on Christmas. In addition, Matt Friedeman, at Rightly Concerned Blog, takes a look at an archaeological find in Nazareth that could be a home in the village in which Jesus grew up! Pretty exciting news at any time, especially now, especially with all that is going on. 

One reason for the large News Stand is that it will take a break after today until January 4. So read up! Starting then, we'll have all the news concerning the countdown to General Assembly session as well as the pending inauguration of the McDonnell-Bolling-Cuccinelli administration. Until then, we'll continue to update the blog with comment and content throughout the Christmas season, with the expected breaks here and there to enjoy the Holy Season.


Senator Newman to propose infanticide law change (

McDonnell to announce Connaughton as transportation secretary (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog)

Mark Warner Falls 31 Points Among Republicans And 43 Points Among Independents In One Year (

'Barry from D.C.' calls WTOP to thank Va. Gov. Kaine (Washington Post Politics and Policy Blog)

National News:

Jesus' Narareth home found? (Matt Friedeman/Rightly Concerned Blog)

Abortion could still roil the health bill (AP/

Reid brags about deals cut for votes in Senate health bill (AP/

Democrat's special deals life blood of health care bill (AP/

Senate gears for second critical health vote (AP/

Sunrise vote nudges health care bill forward (AP/

Blacks say Obama notdoing enough for them (AP/

Europe feels left out in cold on climate deal (AP/


Concessions Democrat lawmakers won in health care bill (AP/

Worst reporting of 2009 — who made the cut? (

Abortion — a 'choice' issue for Democrats (

Senator Nelson 'betrayed' pro-lifers back home (

Healthcare mandate: Get insured . . . or else (


Obamacare Hazardous to America's Health (David Limbaugh/

The 'Science' Mantra (Thomas Sowell/

Al Gore and the Wizards of Climategate (Tom Borelli/

A Cool Wind Braces theHot-Air Crowd (Debra Saunders/

The Realities of Christmas Time (Richard Olivastro/

'Tis The Week Before Christmas (Henry Lamb/

The War on Christmas — it's a Commie thing (Matt Barber/

Away with the manger (Chuck Norris/Rightly Concerned Blog)

When All Else Fails, Accuse Opponents of Being Racists (Bobby Eberle/

A Tasty Recipe for Conservative Victory (Bobby Eberle/

Should GOP Adopt a Conservative Litmus Test (Bobby Eberle/

Fast and pray until Christmas Day (Janet Porter/Rightly Concerned Blog)

Minister tells his flock to go steal (Matt Friedeman/Rightly Concerned Blog)

Sen. Gregg: 'A government run by community organizers has taken over' (Matt Friedeman/Rightly Concerned Blog)

Reid bought off votes with $1.2 billion in kickbacks (Elijah Friedeman/The Millennial Perspective, Rightly Concerned Blog)

How to stop the healthcare bill (Matt Friedeman/Rightly Concerned Blog)