Repeal It!

Is it enough for elected officials to oppose President Obama's socialized medicine bill? Easy to vote no and beat your chest to say your vote stopped it, or, if it passes, that you weren't responsible. But what if it does pass? How many representatives and senators will actually work to repeal it the monstrosity? The Club For Growth wants to know. Perhaps the nation's premier free-market political action organization — it targets Republican primaries, especially in GOP districts, to get candidates committed to free enterprise nominated and then elected, and never backs away from challenging RINO incumbents — it has started, a Web site for candidates, incumbents and even grassroots activists, to pledge to work to repeal the bill if passed, and not be satisfied to sit back and say, "There's nothing we can do now," because, after all, more government allows them more opportunities to bring home more pork.

Knowing the Club's success in knocking off candidates and incumbents committed to government's growth over the years, there likely will be a stampede "Honorables" and would-be's to the site. Still, it will be interesting to see which politicians actually put their reputations on the line. We hope the server can manage the traffic. We encourage you to ask your elected officials to sign on and to add your names as well.