Open Thread: Family Foundation Day At The Capitol, Lt. Governor Bolling To Speak

First, a bit of breaking news: We are very pleased to announce that Lt. Governor Bill Bolling is speaking at 11:00 at Family Foundation Day At The Capitol, today, at the Miller & Rhodes Hilton Garden Inn (6th and Broad Streets), our lobby day headquarters. If you are in the area, and want to hear some great speakers and participate in lobbying your legislators on behalf of traditional family values and conservative principles, please drop by and register on site. This is an open thread for the thousands of conservative grassroots activists in Richmond today to lobby their elected representatives at the General Assembly. Whether you are one of the hundreds attending Family Foundation Day at the Capitol or one of the 10th Amendment rallies, post your impressions of the day here, on this thread.

Let us know how your meeting with your delegates and senators went, which speakers you liked, what bills you are supporting and opposing, or whatever impressions or suggestions you have — or any interesting or funny stories that you saw or happened to you. We look forward to reading your comments and hope everyone enjoys their day at the capitol.