Open Thread: Tell Us Your Impressions Of Inauguration Weekend

People from all over the Commonwealth of Virginia are – some already have – descending on Richmond for the inaugural activities for the Old Dominion’s 71st governor, Governor-elect Bob McDonnell, re-elected Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, and Attorney General-elect Ken Cuccinelli. Many of you may be on your way here for the swearing-in and the many parties and events, such as our Patrick Henry “Liberty or Death Speech” program. We want your impressions of all the celebratory activities. Let us know! There are so many events and stories to tell: Whom did you meet? What did you think of the inaugural address? Did you like the parade? Any great photos? Maybe you were at one of the events during the week you can tell us about. What do you think of the food and clothing donation program? Even if you can’t be in Richmond, feel free to comment on the television coverage and your impressions from afar.

Check it out and compare notes with friend and others. Post as much as you like. We look forward to reading about all the great times. As an advance notice, we’ll do the same thing for our Lobby Day Monday, when several hundred more of you will be in town to lobby your legislators on behalf of traditional family values. Until then, have a safe and celebratory weekend, and we’ll see you in Richmond and online!