Overheard In The GAB: The Cobbs Are Taking Over The World, Oh My!

One of our intrepid lobbyists was in the General Assembly Building the other day, minding her own business, waiting for a certain bill to come up in the very laborious House Courts of Justice Committee. These committee meetings can be very hard to sit through — lots of legal minutia to deal with. So, many people mingle in the lobby and peek in from time to time to see where there bill is on the docket, often to find that the bill on the docket an hour ago is still getting the treatment. That was the case with my colleague, who decided to take a seat in the lobby next to three oblivious pro-abortion activists who were in the midst of a major gripe session. The cause of their angst? It seems, our very own, Family Foundation President Victoria Cobb — and her husband, Matt. As my colleague tells it:

Three women, who by their conversation were clearly pro-abortion, were making plans for their upcoming lobby day. They praised the recent NARAL report that fabricated allegations against pregnancy resource centers, saying they had read it cover to cover and felt it was very well done. They spoke about remembering when NARAL recruited volunteers as undercover "investigators" and wished they had been available to volunteer. They talked about the PRC bills killed the previous night — within an hour of each other — in both a House and a very liberal Senate sub-committee, and lamented their defeat.

Then I heard Victoria’s name from Woman Number 1 and something about how she just couldn’t stand Victoria and her "anti-choice ways." She said something to the effect of, " There are some crazy people out there who think that way, but she’s just deplorable." Then, it went like this:

Woman Number 2: Oh, but have you heard about her husband?

Woman Number 1 and Woman 3 shook their heads no.

Woman Number 2: He’s been appointed Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Resources by McDonnell (see Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)."

Woman Number 1 and Woman Number 3: No!

Woman Number 3: They’re taking over the world! Do they have any children?

Woman Number 1 and Woman 2 shrugged, shook their heads in disgust, and continued on with their gripe, no doubt wondering what good a working for a lefty Senate is when they can't even get their priority bill out of a Senate sub-committee.