Patrick Henry "Liberty Or Death" Speech Reenactment For Family Foundation Supporters In Richmond For Inaugural

In conjunction with this Saturday's Inaugural activities in Richmond, The Family Foundation has commissioned a private reenactment of Patrick Henry's "Liberty or Give Me Death" speech after the swearing-in ceremonies. The performance, by professional actors, who do a weekly performance to packed houses during the summer, will take place at historic Saint John's Church, where Henry made the revolutionary oration. Saint John's is located at 2401 East Broad Street, less than a mile from Capitol Square. The reenactment begins at 3:30 p.m. The actors, complete in 1770s attire, portray several prominent delegates at the March 23, 1775, Second Virginia Convention, including Richard Henry Lee, Benjamin Harrison, Thomas Nelson, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, in addition to the participation of audience members who are encouraged to participate as delegates themselves. The reenactment of the Second Virginia Convention is a historically accurate representation of the event. It portrays the democratic process through passions of the revolutionary era and the animated debates that culminated in Henry's clarion call for the breaking of the chains which bound Virginia to Great Britain (see short video). This production is a Virginia treasure, one that puts visitors back in time, and overwhelms them in a unique patriotic experience difficult replicate anywhere else.

This reenactment, exclusively for supporters and friends of The Family Foundation, has limited seating and a RSVP is required by this Friday. To reserve a seat, please call Marie Edwards at (804) 343-0010 or e-mail her at

For the convenience of individuals attending the swearing-in ceremony and other inaugural events, a bus will provide transportation to and from Saint John's Church. It will leave the northwest corner of 9th and East Main Streets, in front of the One Capitol Square Building in which TFF's offices are located, 2:45 p.m. The bus will return to the same location at the conclusion of the reenactment, at approximately 4:30 p.m.

Those who want to drive directly to Saint John's Church should arrive by 3:20 p.m. and enter the property by the main gate on East Broad Street. An elevator is available for handicapped individuals on the 24th Street entrance.

For information about attending the swearing-in ceremony, which is free and open to the public, complete details are available at


You are there! Patriot reenactors Washington, Jefferson and Henry.