Policy Issue 5, Faith And Freedom: "In God We Trust" License Plates

This is the fifth in a series of five policy statements on issues that will come before the 2010 General Assembly. The fourth, regarding values, can be found here. Each statement covers one of The Family Foundation’s five areas of principle

Last year, pro-life Virginians won a tremendous victory when the General Assembly passed legislation creating "Choose Life" license plates. This year, there is opportunity to create  an "In God We Trust" license plate.

Virginians have more than 200 specialty license plate motifs from which to choose when they go to the DMV to register a car — everything from supporting state universities to "Choose Life" to "Parrotheads" to wildlife. This new plate will be another option for those who wish to share the message "In God We Trust" with other drivers. No money from the new plate will be distributed to any entity. Similar plates already are available in eight states.

As with any new license plate, 350 pre-applications with the associated fee must be received before the plate can become a reality. To join this effort, click here on the "In God We Trust" license plate Web page, download the attached application and follow the instructions. There is a $10 fee for the specialty plate. Share the application with family and friends who might also be interested.

Legislation that would create this new plate has been introduced by Delegate Dickie Bell (R-20, Staunton) (bill number not yet posted) and Senator Mark Obenshain (R-26, Harrisonburg), whose bill is SB 136.