Quote Of The Day Yankee Style, You Know Whatta Mean?

Even though it's the eve of Virginia's grand celebration of democracy at Mr. Jefferson's Temple on the Hill, we find our Quote of the Day today from the other new governor, Chris Christie of New Jersey, the other half of November's GOP sweep. After appointing well known school choice and voucher advocate Brett Schundler as New Jersey Education Commissioner, which prompted the hackles of the radical New Jersey Education Association, the governor-elect responded by saying:

They spent $3 million in public dues money trying to beat me, and they didn’t.  Forget the 20th century, these folks are back in the 19th century in terms of their thinking.

They (voters) didn’t pick me because they were looking for a subtle approach. So, here it comes.

That's not all. As for merit pay, Christie said the NJEA is against it . . . 

Because it would demand some accountability from their members.

See the Newark Star-Ledger for Governor-elect Christie's entire in-your-face response to the teachers union. Who said we have fireworks in the Old Dominion? We may find ourselves reporting more on New Jersey over the next four years. Sounds like it might be a lot more fun.