Repeal It! Update

Last week we reported on a new Web site created by the Club for Growth called Repeal It!, a campaign to encourage citizens, candidates and lawmakers to pledge to their support not only to fight against government-run health care, but to pledge to actively work to repeal it if it  becomes law. Far from a surrender to the inevitable, it is helping fuel the resolve of people nationwide (ahem, see Massachusetts). The Club reports that in the first two days alone, the Repeal It! pledge was signed by 20 members of Congress, 57 House and Senate candidates; and more than 4,300 American citizens. As of this morning, those numbers were 31, 109 and 9,366, respectively.

Early signers included U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), U.S. Representative Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), and Kentucky U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul (son of former presidential candidate Ron Paul). According to a Club e-mail:

Every major Republican primary candidate in at least five states has signed the pledge, guaranteeing voters in Nevada, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky and Kansas a Repeal It! option in November.

Perhaps most gratifying of all, support for the pledge among pro-growth conservative citizens, candidates, and lawmakers has led to an influx of moderate Republicans signing on. This is exactly how a principle organization like the Club for Growth can drive and define a political message. ...

Just like we do on the state level! It goes to show how important active and persistent engagement is and far it can go in affecting policy (and our lives) for the better. The Repeal It! pledge is a master stroke idea, not surprising from the Club for Growth. It is on the front lines and cutting edge of educating the electorate on free market principles and electing stalwart free market candidates.

Also of interest is Club President (and former Congressman) Chris Chocola's opinion piece on (read here). As we wrote last week, too many accept big government after it passes and are content only to trim around the edges, attempt some reform or make it work more efficiently, instead of sticking to the principle of ending and killing off government programs that are not constitutionally grounded. Don't get complacent by one election win (as stunning as it is). After all, Senator-elect Scott Brown isn't a full-fledged conservative. So, we hope you take the time to read Mr. Chocola's commentary and sign the Repeal It! pledge as well, to continue to keep the politicians' feet to the fire and instill in them backbone and vision.