Barry Lynn Vs. Voter Education

Our old friend Barry Lynn at Americans United for Separation of Truth from Reality Church and State has sent yet another letter to the IRS, this time asking for an investigation of Liberty University and, in doing so, takes a shot at none other than The Family Foundation. One thing is for sure, with Mr. Lynn in business, the U.S. Postal Service has no worries — letters will keep flying! In his diatribe letter, Mr. Lynn states that The Family Foundation's voter guide from the House of Delegates 23rd District race between former Delegate Shannon Valentine and current Delegate Scott Garrett, M.D., "was crafted to promote the candidacy of Garrett."

Interesting. Let me see if I understand Mr. Lynn. Under his analysis, by pointing out that, as a delegate, Ms. Valentine voted in favor of funding Planned Parenthood and low income abortion, and in favor of censoring state police chaplains, somehow we stacked the deck against her. Of course, that must mean that Ms. Valentine's position on those particular issues were not in line with the voters.

I always find it humorous when someone makes the claim that a voter guide "promotes" any candidate over another. After all, if a citizen of the 23rd House district who believes that taxpayers should fund Planned Parenthood and low income abortions, and that state police chaplains should be censored, got a copy of our voter guide, would it not have "promoted" Ms. Valentine?

Mr. Lynn apparently still lives under the delusion that his intimidation tactics are effective. I just want to let them know — they aren't.

But keep sending those letters Barry! You might just get the U.S. Post Office out of the red.