BREAKING NEWS: Not So Massive Planned Parenthood Protest At Capitol This Morning

Looks like Planned Parenthood's call to protest at the capitol today didn't exactly stir the electorate's passions, did it? The picture below was taken this morning at about 10:00. Some response to Planned Parenthood's call to rally against the House of Delegates floor amendment on its license plate bill! Planned Parenthood really knows how to pack them in, don't they — all nine of them! Last week, the House amended the bill to establish a "Trust Women, Respect Choice" license plate so that revenue (Is Anybody There?) from it would be redirected from Planned Parenthood itself to to the Virginia Pregnant Women Support Fund. Of course, Planned Parenthood objected to the amendment, because it really — seriously, it means it — supports choice.


Gang Of Nine: Nine protesters were all who who showed up to show for the money at Planned Parenthood's rally at the capitol this morning. With Planned Parenthood, it's always all about the money.