Intolerant Pro-Abortionists Don't Believe In First Amendment

Although the Super Bowl and all of its ads have come and gone, it's still instructive to review the "controversy" regarding the ad bought by Focus On The Family which featured All-American quarterback and former Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow (Tim Tebow Zone) and his mom, Pam. Several hysterical cries from the pro-abortion left echoed to CBS that the ad should be pulled. Never mind that their reasons were specious. Some, such as Jehmu Greene, president of something called the Women's Media Center, wanted the ad pulled although she admitted she had seen neither the ad nor the script! Can you say "prior restraint"? What about plain ol' leftist bullying and censorship? Just as startling is her assertion that a positive ad that highlights Pam Tebow's  "choice," which worked out well for all involved, "clearly" is "trying to take away" abortion rights. Ms. Greene also wants a "meaningful dialogue" on abortion but will tolerate only a monologue — from her side. Here's Ms. Greene in her own words:

Jehmu Greene of the Women's Media Center: I haven't seen it, but I want it banned!

Now, here's a much younger individual, Mr. Tebow himself, showing much more poise and reason in about 50 seconds than Ms. Greene was in five minutes:

All-American boy: Tim Tebow has no apologies, nor should he.

Finally, here's the ad itself, which still has the pro-abortion left knashing its teeth. Where is the controversy? Where's the intolerance (aside from the left)? By the way, see the rest of the Tebow story, here, at

Tim and Pam Tebow: Just telling their story. Only to the left is a heartwarming story a nightmare.