RPV Plays Let It Snow For Boucher And Perriello

The Republican Party of Virginia released a new Web ad today. It has a decidedly winter theme and two specific targets. According to a written statement by RPV Chairman Pat Mullins:

Virginians all over the Commonwealth are bracing for yet another blast of winter weather, which will no doubt keep roads hazardous and schools closed for days. Forecasters from Bristol to Winchester are calling for more than a foot of snow.

With so many people stuck indoors around the heater, lots of folks will have the opportunity to watch the news. We thought that it might be a good time to remind them that Democrats Rick Boucher and Tom Perriello not only voted to make their heating bills far more expensive, but also to kill thousands of more jobs around the Commonwealth.

Dreaming of a white Valentine's? The Old Dominion is experiencing its third big snow this winter and one more may be on the way. Good thing Perriello and Boucher are working on that global warming stuff!