Snow Bound QOD: Speaker Kilgore?

We borrow today's QOD from the The Daily Press' Shad Plank Blog. It happened yesterday, and actually I was in the room when it happened, but not paying attention. Glad I was alerted to the particulars. It features a QOD regular. It goes like this:

Del. Joe Morrissey was testifying before the House Commerce and Labor Committee Thursday when he made a slip of the tongue as he addressed the panel chairman Del. Terry Kilgore.

The Scott County Republican is the twin brother of former Republican gubernatorial candidate Jerry Kilgore and a emerging power broker in his own right especially on business issues. Morrissey, D-Henrico, was attempting to make a point about his bill on gift cards when he stumbled on his words and inadvertently nominated Kilgore for the top spot in the House of Delegates.

"Mr. Speaker..." Morrissey said before recognizing the mistake and trailing off.

"Not yet," Kilgore quickly replied, drawing a round laughter from the packed hearing room.