When You Need Help, There's Always (Clarke Hogan's) Mom

Of all places and of all people. ... Today at the monthly Tuesday Morning Group meeting a polite older woman approached me about helping out on a bill I mentioned in a short presentation. She asked, "Could Clarke Hogan help?" Hogan is a former member of the powerful House Appropriations Committee and House budget conferee who did not seek re-election last year. So I replied that the thought was hypothetical since he's no longer a delegate. She replied:

But I'm his mom. Maybe he can call someone.

Ohhhhhhh kay! Boy could he. So, yes, mom, let him call away! It's not like Mary asking Jesus for a favor at Canaan, but it might help.

I gave her the bill number and the pertinent information. Man, it's great when moms show up at grassroots activist meetings.