A Patriot Center Omen? (Or, The Obama-NoVa Jinx?)

President Obama held a campaign-style rally today at the the Patriot Center on the campus of George Mason University. We noted yesterday that the president didn't necessarily have an impeccable track record campaigning for others in NoVa land last fall and wondered if that jinx would follow him to Congress' vote on his scheme to take over the American health care system this weekend. For opponents of the government takeover, there's more reason for hope. The night before may have ushered upon us another omen: George Mason's basketball team, which is nearly unbeatable at the Patriot Center, blew a 27-point lead over Fairfield University in the last nine minutes of regulation, and completed the fold in a 101-96 loss in the second round of the College Insider.com Tournament (FoxNews.com). Hmm. Sound like ObamaCare? Big numbers in Congress at the start . . . early lead as both chambers passed it . . . barely holding on in the late stages of the game . . . blowing in in overtime (i.e., Sunday)? Perhaps the president needs to get a new advance team. The symbolism just isn't working out right now.