Cuccinelli Petition Goes National

Yesterday, I commented on the frivolous, harrassing and taxpayer waste of money that is Delegate David Englin's Web site, which generates phone calls into the Attorney General's office. It's a poor response to the outpouring of nationwide support Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is receiving as he seeks to have the government takeover of health care ruled unconstitutional. Not only has he been interviewed and written about by several national news organizations, but there are Cuccinelli for President and support groups springing up on Facebook. There's also a petition of support that got a big boost today when conservative guru Richard Viguerie wrote about it in his daily e-mail. The petition — Stop The Mandate, Support Liberty Now (click here) — also was promoted on Facebook and seems to be gaining traction. It's a great way to show support for someone who, for doing the job he is sworn to do — uphold Virginia law — is the subject of so much vitriol from the hyper left.