If ObamaCare Is Based On ObamaMath, No Wonder The Plan Is A Disaster!

So, you may have heard the Smartest President Ever yesterday (Frugal Cafe) give his latest health care takeover pep talk, or at least some sound bytes. You might not have heard this one because it doesn't exactly flatter our president. It's funny how his left-wing media allies play only certain parts of the speech over and over again. I guess they think it makes him look smart . . . like when he said there were 57 states — oops! They don't show that often, er, ever. That's why we have YouTube. But yesterday, this mathematically challenged president said if his health care takeover plan is passed, employers could save "3,000 percent" on their health care premiums and give their employees "a raise." Why, he thinks of it all, doesn't he?

Ummm, let me get this straight Mr. President: Even if employers wouldn't have to pay any health care costs, according to my private school education (don't know about yours), that would max out to a 100 percent savings. We all know public schools are having a tough time of it, sir, but man, you're giving private schools a bad name, too!

No wonder the bill before Congress is so bad. If it's based on ObamaMath, can ObamaCare really do what he says it can? Not at all.


Imagine if Dan Quayle or W had said this: Late night comedic material for a month. Seriously, how well does he understand his own bill?