Join Americans For Prosperity, Rep. Mike Pence Tonight In Health Care Takeover Tele-Town Hall

With President Obama urgently working on a last-gasp push to ram his government-run health care bill through Congress, and Americans — including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — not knowing all that is contained in the 2,600 page behemoth, it is important that we all get as involved as possible to stop this monstrosity. Getting informed is the first step and tonight offers a high level source of information: Americans for Prosperity is hosting a tele-town hall meeting tonight which features U.S. Representative Mike Pence (R-Ind.). Congressman Pence is the third highest ranking Republican in the House and a leading free-market reformer. He has turned down a run for the open Indiana Senate seat this year because, some suggest, he is considering a presidential run in 2012. Among the topics on the agenda are: The key undecided House members, the likely timeline to be used by Speaker Pelosi, and conservative alternatives along with Rep. Pence's exchanges in recent weeks with President Obama. It starts at 8:00 p.m. Eastern and you can join in toll-free by calling (888) 356-3090 Ext.14326#.

As AFP President Tim Phillips penned in a letter to AFP members:

(Washington liberals have) put everything on the line for their ideology, as flawed as it is.

The question for us is: will we do the same for our values, our freedoms and our nation?

Speaking of getting informed, has a post on the latest Rasmussen Poll, which shows 57 percent of Americans oppose ObamaCare. In addition, a majority disapproves of the president's job on the economy. One normally follows the other when you try takeover one-sixth of the economy.