Transparency Bill Up Tomorrow In House Appropriations Sub-Committee!

The transparency bill we wrote about last week, SB 431, will indeed get its hearing. In fact, it will be tomorrow morning! The bill, patroned by Senator Mark Herring (D-33, Leesburg), will add a little more sunshine to how state agencies spend the hard-earned money we send Richmond. It probably will save us money in the long run as well: It's been proven in other states that the more people looking at agencies' spending, the more often waste and duplication is caught. Not to mention the outrageous — the infamous "Bridge To Nowhere" was caught by online budget hawks scrutinizing the federal budget. The bill will require all check and credit card purchases to be put online, including the vendor, description and date of purchase. It also adds a little more user-friendliness by requiring an icon on each agency's home page that links directly to a page detailing its expenses. The bill is in the House Appropriations Sub-committee on Technology Oversight and Government Activities tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. Click the link to get contact information for its members and to contact them.