Virginia News Stand: March 25, 2010

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Congratulations to Delegate Sam Nixon, named yesterday as the chief at VITA. We don't envy the job he has sorting out that mess, (ahem, Mark Warner and Tim Kaine), but if anyone can do it, we know it's Delegate Nixon. We'll miss him in the House, where he twice earned The Family Foundation's Legislator of the Year Award and where he chaired the Conservative Caucus before getting elected to chair the House Republican Caucus.

Most everything else is about health care. It won't go away and for good reason. One sign it has legs, especially in Virginia, is the national attention placed on Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's law suit on the government takeover's constitutionality. Today, the New York Times chimes in, twice. One article covers the AG, himself; one on the preposterous allegation that the lawsuit is reminiscent of the fight for desegregated schools. Typical. At least we have a number of great editorial comics for you enjoyment.


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Editorial Comics

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