What Exactly Does The Family Foundation Do During Session?

We're too busy to know ourselves, sometimes. Where does the time go? It's as if that 7:00 a.m. sub-committee ended only an hour ago . . . and it's already 8:oo p.m.? And I still have an hour's work to do? Really, it seems the mace was carried into the House chamber to open session just a couple of weeks ago. It's mid-March already? What happened to the snow and the Courts of Justice docket? I'm still seeing bill numbers and unattributed opponents' talking points in my sleep, thank you very much HB 652. Enough already of the stream of consciousness . . . besides, thanks to one of our interns this year, Drew Wingard, we have a documentary about the day in the life of The Family Foundation during session. It pretty much captures the crazy pace of the first two months of the year, every year. We think you will enjoy this video very much. Remarkably, it was the first time Drew ever picked up a camera or used a Mac editing program. In it, you'll see all of your FF favorites: Victoria, Chris, Jessica, Marie, your humble Admin (although a great ad lib of mine was unceremoniously cut), Roger, Dale and Dan's door. You'll also see some cameos — Senator Walter Stosch (R-12, Henrico) and former Attorney General and newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice Bill Mims, among them.

A day in the life of The Family Foundation during General Assembly session — it's no life!