And You Think Rev. Wright Is A Wacko, Introducing Presidential "Spiritual Advisor" Jim Wallis

Listen to President Obama's new spiritual advisor, Jim Wallis, who admits he's a Marxist and is unapologetic in his advocacy of redistribution of wealth. Most telling is where he relates his impression of an advertisement for a charity that wanted to change the lifestyle of the poor in Africa. He said that isn't enough — that we need to change our lifestyles (i.e., it's our fault, we live too well, and the sooner we're poor, the sooner the rest of the world will be better off). We're not shocked. More prominent leftists have proudly pronounced these same sentiments recently, though perhaps not to the length and brazenness of the Rev. Wallis. But it is nevertheless disturbing that someone like this is so close to the president. On the other hand, it explains a whole lot, and exposes the intentions of the Obama Regime.

We didn't know the Gospel had a chapter on Marxist economic theory.