Family Foundation, Alliance Defense Fund To Discuss Christian Legal Society Vs. Martinez

The Family Foundation of Virginia and the Alliance Defense Fund will host a discussion Tuesday, April 13, on the upcoming U.S. Supreme Court Case Christian Legal Society vs. Martinez. The Court will determine whether a public university can require recognized campus Christian student organizations to have nonbelievers and persons engaged in activities contrary to the beliefs of the organizations as voting members and officers if the club receives money from the school (see more from Sort of like forcing someone who favors a neighborhood development into a group that opposes it. Doesn't make a lot of sense. As for the money question, it comes from student fees, so it's not really "money from the school." We'll have more after the event concludes on Tuesday. For more information, call 804-343-0010. We look forward to our continued alliance with ADF, a legal team dedicated to preserving religious liberty.