Fighting "Designer Information" About The Taxpayer Funded Abortion Amendment

Since Wednesday night's historic victory for life, opponents have embarked on their typical rant and have relentlessly fashioned, as my colleague Chris commented upon, their own "Designer Information" to sow hysteria into the body politic. What else can they do? Polling data for decades demonstrates Americans do not want their tax dollars to pay for other people's abortions. (Don't liberals always say "abortion is the most private and personal decision a woman can make"? If so, why should public dollars — money of people who disapprove of the act — be used?) Beside the point of logic, according to the left on message boards and blogs, the sky is falling. So, from Jeff Caruso, the Executive Director of the Virginia Catholic Conference, here's a bit of truth to set the record straight from an e-mailed statement:

Its effect is to eliminate the vast majority of Virginia's publicly subsidized abortions (that is, those done under a general health rationale which has never received General Assembly approval). Over the last four years, these state-funded, health-related abortions have been performed at an alarming rate of one every three days. With the Governor's amendment now securely fastened to the budget, many unborn lives can be saved, and state taxpayers who oppose financing life-ending practices have a greater measure of conscience protection.

Helping also, was our own Victoria Cobb, in this report from WTVR-TV/CBS6 in Richmond:


Designer Information can't overcome the truth and neither did it overcome the will of the General Assembly Wednesday.