Liberal Congressman Phil Hare: Doesn't Care About Constitution, Says What Others Believe

The liberals in Congress who rammed through the health care bill now have no hesitation in admitting its true intentions — redistribution of income and control of people and business. Now, they're showing a willingness to admit their real motivations — redefining the Constitution (to put it mildly). I realize that might be a stretch considering most of them don't know what's inthe Constitution, but makes it no less appalling that U.S. Representative Phil Hare (D-Ill.)admitted last week that he "doesn't care" if the health care law is constitutional (then confuses the Constitution with the Declaration of Independence). (H/T to Adam Sharp of Sharp Elbows Blog, who took the video and is heard asking Rep. Hare some of the questions.) Either way, it begs three questions: 

» These geniuses are trying to improve health care coverage and cost increases? 

» If he hasn't read the constitution, how can you believe him when he says he read the health care bill?

» Isn't he violating his oath the defend the constitution when he admits he doesn't care whether the government health care takevover is constitutional? 

Congressman Hare: Constitution? Declaration of Independence? Who cares? I don't!