TFF President Victoria Cobb Receives UR Alumni Leadership Award

Family Foundation President Victoria Cobb was one of two graduates to receive the University of Richmond’s Jepson School of Leadership Studies' 10th Reunion Recognition Award this past weekend. Unfortunately, a handful of vocal students and faculty used the award as an opportunity to protest Victoria, the Family Foundation and traditional values, exhibiting a wonderful hypocrisy: All for free speech except when it's speech and ideas different from theirs (see Richmond Times-Dispatch). Not exactly what higher education is about. But we're not shocked. Conservatives routinely are shouted down and protested against on American campuses (which, we suppose, is a measure of the effectiveness of those speakers). Oh, to be young and have no responsibility and no clue. The university issued a press release which said, in part, regarding Victoria and the other  recipient (see entire statement here):

These two have a great deal in common. They both have spent their professional lives doing work in nonprofits that they see as supporting families and children. Mothers with husbands who are fellow Jepson School graduates, they are committed to leading balanced lives where family and professional achievement are aligned. And, for both of them, faith is a central component in their lives.

Student response in the campus paper ridiculed pro-family, traditional values. On Friday afternoon about 40 students staged a small protest as Victoria participated in a school-sponsored panel discussion on leadership. So much for fostering diversity and tolerance. Interestingly, the school administration even allowed protesters inside the academic building where the panel discussion was taking place.

Jepson Protest

No classes, no tests, no papers due — and no clue.

Victoria, who joined The Family Foundation in 2000, has been president since 2004. Her proven leadership abilities propelled her quickly through the ranks, first as a policy analyst, then Director of Legislative Affairs and, ultimately, into her role as President. Today, The Family Foundation comprises a full-time professional staff in Richmond, coordinating the grassroots efforts of tens of thousands of pro-family citizen activists throughout Virginia. Under her leadership, The Family Foundation has become the Commonwealth’s most influential pro-family advocacy organization.

The staff, volunteers and Board of The Family Foundation are very proud of Victoria, her leadership and her willingness to stand up for our values in the face of hostility. While many in politics try to avoid "controversial" social issues, she has chosen to take a strong, public stand and to lead. She, and The Family Foundation, do that by working with a cross section of organizations and office holders, but do it without compromising principle. In fact, the list of legislative partners we team with each year would shock most. Which is what leadership and the award is all about — getting results, not rallying like-minded types to hurl insults at protests. Which is also something the protesting students should learn while in college.

And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake; but he that endureth to the end shall be saved. - Matthew 10:22