Pelosi: Socialism Is The New Entrepreneurism

Well, how else to describe it? The Embarrassment Speaker of the House basically said now it's okay to quit your job and do whatever you want because the government's got your back — and your stomach, your lungs, your kidneys and everything else under the "health care bill." No worries. Want to become a rock 'n roll star at 40? Excellent! Just buy a guitar (sorry, government doesn't pay for that — yet — or maybe it does somewhere in the stimulus bill), take some lessons and become the next Eric Clapton. Take your time, too, because if you get sick, we have health care! It is, believe it or not, the new entrepreneurism. The Embarrassment Speaker said so herself. Via and YouTube:

Nancy Pelosi: "Pick up your guitar and play, just like yesterday." But you know, Nance, this time, "we won't be fooled again."