Priggish? Who, Us? The Family Foundation? Never!

Michael Paul Williams is a Richmond Times-Dispatch columnist who puts the lie to the myth that the paper is "conservative." A front page metro section columnist whose topics expand well beyond issues affecting Greater Richmond, he blames every societal ill and snowless Christmas on conservatives. He bangs out knee-jerk responses to to anything conservatives do and screams that the world is coming to an end. Why, yesterday, he even was upset that some mindless cable comics who have fewer viewers than he has readers  might make some jokes about Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. Williams' concern? The attorney general is embarassing our state over a lapel pin! Horrors! We'll never survive!  Unlike the accusation that the AG was "changing" the state seal to cover an exposed breast on the Roman goddess Virtus, Mr. Cuccinelli simply bought his staff — with donated money — lapel pins that replicated an actual historic flag that hangs in the capitol itself.

Mr. Williams thinks this somehow is a religious view "encroaching on government." What about Mr. Cuccinelli's freedom of expression? Are Americans not allowed to wear whatever buttons and stickers they want? Or is that right reserved only for liberals? Instead, Mr. Williams and the hysterical liberal crowd would have you believe the attorney general somehow ordered all official state flags and stationery changed (which only the legislature can do). It's typical leftist demagoguery: Misdefine the issue and blast away with vindictiveness, derision and hate. The irony is hard to escape any regular reader of Mr. Williams, who has uncommonly come to the defense of a historic Virginia symbol.

But I digress. The real issue here is that Mr. Williams dares to call Mr. Cuccinelli and The Family Foundation, among others, "priggish"! How dare you, sir!

For the record, in our office, front and center as you enter, we proudly display this:


Exposed breast in all its glory, The Family Foundation is decidedly NOT priggish!