Simply Astounding: Obama Administration And Left Blast Americans, But Can't Condemn Our Enemies!

This simply is astounding. The same haughty, know-it-all elites who blast Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli for doing what he is sworn to do (uphold Virginia law, see Richmond Times-Dispatch), who say he is less than intelligent and "wasting taxpayer dollars by filing frivolous lawsuits he can't possibly win," at the same time hold up as an intelligent sophisticate  U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, who not only can't utter the words "Islamic radical" (much less "terrorist"), but then takes aim at his fellow Americans (see Washington Post's Greg Sargent)! What does that tell you? In his own words, yesterday in a House committee hearing, stumbling and bumbling to a simple question from U.S. Representative Lamar Smith (R-Texas):

The pride of the Left: Eric Holder. Enemies? What enemies?

But why identify enemies now when you've already pegged them? Earlier in his term he called Americans "cowards." Nothing like hammering the people you represent.

Holder: Our only enemies are Americans.

Then there's this: Remember Madam Speaker's onslaught against Tea Partiers? Anyone who disagrees with Pelosi, who has a different opinion, is demonized and lied about (the "swastika" comment). Agree or be damned! 

If you don't like her Pelosi's policies, you're a NAZI.