Don't Bother Congress With The Budget, It's Got More Pressing Matters

This is primary day in Virginia and there are several contested Republican nominations to run for the House of Representatives this November. Several states also have primaries today — in both parties, and not only for House seats, but also for Senate, gubernatorial and other statewisde office nominations as well. Tomorrow morning the field becomes clearer, especially in Virginia, where all 11 House seats will have GOP nominees for the first time in years. That, and the number running today (several candidates in the 5th and 2nd districts, and even as many as four at one time in the overwhelmingly Democrat 3rd), shows the unqualified dissatisfaction and disgust with Congress. Wonder why?   From our friends at

While President Obama impotently attempts to address the Gulf as it thickens with oil, Congress incompetently borrows and spends us into bankruptcy without a care.