Finally, NARAL Gets Honest

It’s refreshing when our opponents are honest about what they’re actually trying to do. A pro-life legislator forwarded me a recent blog post by NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia that proved to be especially revealing. Reporting on its recent "Legislative Debriefing 2010" meeting in which it discussed its successes and failures of the 2010 General Assembly session, NARAL's blogger writes:

In the last part of the evening, we had an enlightening impromptu discussion about ceding battles of language to anti-choicers. Although we know that they are not "pro-life" (as one attendee said, we are pro-life, we are the ones who care about saving lives), we often use other anti-choice word choices without realizing it or considering the consequences.

Here comes the interesting part. Read carefully. NARAL's blogger continues:

There is no such thing as a "partial-birth" abortion. Humans are not "babies" until they are born alive. We are PRO-CHOICE, not "abortionists." Pregnant women are women who happen to be pregnant, they are not "mothers" until they have children. When we allow the anti-choicers to shift the debate using words like "life" and "unborn," we give them power. If you haven’t before, it's time to become more cognizant of the words you use.

Did you get that? "Humans are not 'babies' until they are born alive." Interesting that NARAL even used the word "human"! Then, this gem: "Pregnant women are women who happen to be pregnant, they are not 'mothers' until they have children." What an insult to expectant mothers!

Can you imagine a pregnant woman going in for an 8-month check up only to be told, "The human inside you is not yet a baby and you're not yet a mother. But be sure to take your pre-natal vitamins and go to a Lamaze class just in case that human becomes a baby and just in case you become a mother." Is a woman only a "mother" if she chooses to want her child?

This is the mindset our opposition operates under. Planned Parenthood is no different from NARAL. In an e-mail alert sent to their constituents, Planned Parenthood advertises a training they're offering that teaches "how to talk the pro-choice talk." No wonder it necessitates training — you have to learn to set aside logic and reality and take on a nonsensical language!

No matter how NARAL and Planned Parenthood redefine their terms and massage their language, the truth is still the truth. We still know what their intent is no matter how they adorn their words. But just as important, another thing that won't change — The Family Foundation will remain committed to being your advocate in the General Assembly and in the public square to defeat NARAL and Planned Parenthood's anti-life goals.