Poll: Republicans Out Of Touch With Their Own Base

Congressional Republicans who think they have a free ride this November just because they aren't the other guys may have a rude awakening. A recently released Rasmussen Poll shows that 72 percent of GOP voters are not convinced Republican members of Congress represent their interests. They are primarily skeptical that Republicans share a limited government perspective, although they acknowledge the fashionable expediency of Republican candidates and office holders latching on to the current voter outrage of out-of-control government control. If and when Republicans regain Congress, the question will be if they carry out their promises of reducing government this time . . . because it might be their last time, if they don't. Democrat voters, on the other hand, think Democrat office holders in Washington do a good job of representing Democrat values by a 61-29 percent margin. Only 21 percent of Republican voters think that of their side. It shows a striking contrast on who is willing to fight to the political death — another clue for the GOP that the election this fall won't be a cake walk for those campaigning on the "I'm not the other guy" platform. 

It also show the importance of conservative grassroots to stay engaged after the election, that it's not enough anymore to call it a season just because it appears that you won in November. Restoring America now is a full-time pursuit. More details about the poll results, including the overall voting public's opinions, can be found at the link above.