Speaking Of No Clue . . . Representative Gerry Connolly

This does and does not deserve comment. I mean, it's so tempting, but in the end, when a liberal wants to supply his own rope. ... Here we have one of Virginia's own, U.S. Representative Gerry Connolly, a Fairfax County Democrat, telling the Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Ben Bernanke on June 9 there's no money in the federal budget to get cut (H/T Norman Leahy at Tertium Quids). Timing, they say, is everything: As if set up to be punked (Hanother Tertium Quids H/T to Josh Eboch), The Heritage Foundationposted this video the very next day, complete with cartoon character and a multiple choice word problem Rep. Connolly surely would fail. When they say we don't make Washingtons, Jeffersons and Madisons anymore, the Connollys of the world make it hard to argue. (For budget cutting ideas, see Cut Spending Now.)

From U.S. Representative Paul Ryan's (R-Wisc.) YouTube channel:

Rep. Connolly: A $3.5 trillion budget and nowhere to cut.

From The Heritage Foundation's YouTube channel:

Maybe start with the first class travel, extra postal workers, NASCAR sponsorship and aid to Chinese prostitutes!