T-Mac McAuliffe Jinxes U.S. Soccer Team?

Whoa! Is that defeated Democrat governor wannabe Terry McAuliffe with Bill Clinton and Mick Jagger at the U.S. game at the World Cup? It is! Forget the game. There really must be a party going on in South Africa! I'm as hardcore a soccer fan as you will find, yet even my mind was temporarily derailed from the intensity of the U.S. soccer team's second round World Cup match against Ghana Saturday when I saw the obligatory shot of the VIP box. I knew Bill Clinton was there — he was there at the Algeria game a a few days before. Seeing Jagger next to him was only a mild surprise. (Hillary, do you know where your husband is — and who he is hangin' with?) Bill is the honorary chairman of U.S. Soccer's bid committee to host either the 2018 or 2022 World Cup, so it was actually expected of him to attend.

But McAuliffe? Why is T-Mac there? Other than in his longtime role as Clinton consigliere, why is the wannabe governor in South Africa? Is he a big soccer fan? Just wanted to party with Bill and Mick? That's not too gubernatorial looking. In fact, why be governor of Virginia when you can jet off with the international swank set at the drop of a taxpayer dollar (as being in the company of a former president entails security)?

McAuliffe World Cup

T-Mac (on the left, of course) jinxes the U.S. soccer team (along with Bill Clinton and Mick Jagger). Have you ever seen three completely different facial expressions of people watching the same thing?

But that's not the point. The point is T-Mac jinxed us! Four years of hard work, an exhilarating win over Algeria, winning our group and for what? So T-Mac, who wore Carolina blue to a U.Va. game during his 2009 Democrat primary campaign, could rub off his sports neophyte negative karma on us? (See the tweets about the T-Mac curse his sighting set off.) No doubt, this will be a big issue when he ramps up again in 2013. Not that Clinton and Jagger get off the hook either. Here is what former Germany superstar and national team coach (and possible future U.S. coach) Jurgen Klinsmann said on ESPN about Clinton and his coterie:


Clinton and company: A distraction for the U.S. team! Hey, if the libs can blame everything on George W, why not blame our loss on Clinton and McAuliffe?

So one of the game's greats says the U.S. team was distracted by its sudden fame and bandwaggon climbing by Clinton and McAuliffe! We won't forget Terry! We won't forget! Here is the evidence of the Clinton corruption of the U.S. team:

Fans want to use "video evidence" in soccer. We got it right here — Clinton breaking training with team captain Carlos Bocanegra.