Virginia Homeschool Convention June 10-12 In Richmond

Looking for a way to breathe new life into your child's education and your family relationships? Concerned about a lack of God in today's hostile culture? Then, don't miss the Virginia Homeschool Convention, sponsored by the Home Educators Association of Virginia, June 10-12, at the Greater Richmond Convention Center. Admission is free for the entire convention for first-time parents of pre-schoolers (the eldest child must be under five years of age, and this must be the first time the parent has attended the convention) and non-homeschooling grandparents. The convention features a number of events, including speakers and workshops. One highlight will be Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis. Gain insight from him into why our children are walking away from their faith — and what we can do about it. Workshop topics include learning styles, helping struggling learners, budgeting, educating distractable children, time management, workplace preparedness, parenting teens, character training, dealing with a strong-willed child, family business, study skills, preparing for college, media safety and more.

For those curious about homeschooling, four "how-to-begin" workshops are open to the public on Thursday, June 10. The free sessions include an introduction to homeschooling, information on how to get started, an overview of the laws and requirements for homeschooling, and guidance on choosing curriculum.

There also will be 310 booths in the exhibit hall, covering a range of topics, services and materials. In addition to homeschool resources and curricula and some of the best educational resources in the country, there will be books on child rearing, Christian audio-visual resources, Bible memory aids, and summer enrichment materials for the children.

While you browse the exhibit hall booths, be sure to stop by and visit The Family Foundation. We'll be at the convention and look forward to meeting you. We will have information about ourselves and education choice and options in Virginia, and where the education freedom movement is headed in the commonwealth. For more information and/or to register for the Virginia Homeschool Convention, click here.