Who Knows More About Capitalism? The Communist Chinese Or Washington Liberals?

It's absolutely astounding, but true: The Communist Chinese, who even know that excessive corporate tax rates kill jobs, is doing a better job at fostering economic growth than the current Washington regime. The further irony is that those now running our government probably think they're doing it the socialist way. None other than hotel magnate Steve Wynn recently went off on CNBC about Utopian panaceas coming out of Washington that are driving the country into bankruptcy. Say what you want about Steve Wynn, but for a man who has little eyesight, he has had the vision to create  thousands of jobs — and wants to create thousands more. But not in America, now; not in this environment. Instead, he's looking to the East fore new opportunities, where he said, things are more stable. He says we're becoming Greece, the health care law will not do what was promised and that the Tea Party movement is legit. Hear his candid and passionate comments in full:

Steve Wynn: Washington's spending has made America unstable.