And Our 25th Anniversary Celebration Gala Speaker Is . . .

Ever since we announced our 25th Anniversary Celebration Gala in May, we've been bombarded by people asking who the speaker is. We've known. But we've kept it secret. Until now. You can bet that it's someone prominent and commensurate to the occasion of celebrating the The Family Foundation's 25th anniversary (on Saturday, October 9 at the Greater Richmond Convention Center, by the way). Suspense* killing you? Then click on the video below.


One of the nation's leading conservatives according to several publications.

Check this site starting tomorrow and regularly for updates and announcements about all the activities surrounding our 25th anniversary celebration. For more information, visit our Gala Web page or contact John Downer at 804-343-0010 or e-mail him at (*The word was meant to be a clue. Get it?)