George Allen, Ken Cuccinelli Speak At Recent Family Foundation Events

The Family Foundation is busy this summer traveling the commonwealth and meeting pro-family Virginians. We're encouraged by the new people we're meeting — there are an increasing number of citizens who believe in life and liberty affirming principles and who are anxious to get involved. On June 23, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli joined The Family Foundation for a luncheon at the Spotswood Country Club in Harrisonburg. The luncheon was hosted by area residents and Family Foundation Board members Mac Nichols and Dean Welty, and attended by roughly 70 pro-family citizens. After I touched on the highlights and our  2010 General Assembly accomplishments, Attorney General Cuccinelli spoke, affirming the work of The Family Foundation and stressing the significance and impact of pro-family efforts in our legislative system.

On July 13, former Governor George Allen joined us for a dinner at the Virginia Museum of Natural History in Martinsville, organized by area resident and Family Foundation Board member A.C. Wilson and his wife, Lucy. Supporters and elected officials mingled together for dinner and the chance to hear Governor Allen speak. He recalled fond memories of his time working with Family Foundation legends, such as Anne Kincaid, during his time in the Governor's mansion. In addition, Allen spoke boldly on behalf of The Family Foundation in regards to the work we do as well as our reliance on all forms of support, both financial and prayerful, from those who share our views and goals for our Commonwealth.

The evening ended with an invitation from The Family Foundation’s Chaplain, Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr. Known for being a gifted orator, Bishop Jackson moved the crowd to a standing ovation following his call to action. He closed with a reminder to not be discouraged by the work ahead, but instead to be confident, as we cling to the promises guaranteed to us, for as quoted by Bishop Jackson, "If God is for us, who can be against us?"

The following day, Bishop Jackson met with a group of approximately 50 pastors from the Martinsville area. Motivating them to action, he reaffirmed The Family Foundation's commitment to educating and equipping pastors for our partnership with them in our work in the legislative arena.

The summer is nowhere near over and neither is The Family Foundation's summer travels. Stay tuned for where we'll be next.