"Pope Pelosi" Preaches Ineloquently

The House Speaker who would be Pope, Nancy Pelosi, again tried her hand at theology. At the recently convened Catholic Community Conference, a Capitol Hill briefing sponsored by the National Catholic Reporter and Trinity Washington University, she did something that can only be described as an inarticulate babble, proving the axiom that one shouldn't speak about what one doesn't know. (Among her previous embarrassing and scandalizing comments, she tried to reinterpret Catholic teaching on abortion.) Now, she's quoting Scripture. How quaint. She volunteered her favorite Biblical passage is "The Word." Then, apparently in unfamiliar territory, and trying to sound authoritative, she tried to make it up as she went along — appropriate for someone who wants the Bible to mean what she wants it to mean on any given day.

Then she says something so completely astonishing, even for her, but apparently she thinks The Word speaks to her, and what it says is to go out and give "The Word" voice by spending every last dime in the country! Never mind that she doesn't give the Bible any credence when it comes to Life or marriage, isn't this the same Pelosi — the embodiment of her left-wing Congressional colleagues — who thinks there is a "separation of church and state"? If so, then it applies to her theology, too. Whatever it might mean.

Pass "The Word" to the speaker. It's not what she thinks it means.