Senator Dorgan: Americans Are D.C.'s Cash Machine

Now that U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan (D-N.D.) is not seeking re-election, he must feel free to tell the truth. The other day, on the Senate floor, during the debate on extending unemployment "benefits" to those who have received them nearly a year already (that Republicans wanted to pay for by cutting elsewhere in the budget), he let the world know just exactly how liberals view the reward of the toil of every day, hard working Americans: It's ours!

This is what he said (see

Those who cried the loudest on the floor of the Senate these days — right now — are the very ones that voted to reduce this country's income with the biggest benefits going to the wealthiest Americans. And now they come to us . . . to prevent the unemployed from getting what they should get. ... And they say why can't we repeal the estate tax?

He said a lot in those few words. Here are the take aways (i.e., translation):

» Senator Dorgan believes your money is the federal government's (it's its "income," after all, not your hard-earned wage). The sentiment that we work for the government was never better expressed.  

» Allowing people to keep the money they earn is a benefit! Arrogant? Condescending? Controlling? Yes, yes and yes, and so much more.

» But people who don't work do deserve income from the rest of us, even while the U.S. Congress can't find $34 billion to cut out of a $3.5 trillion budget to pay for it for an extension of unemployment "benefits."

» You not only work for the government, but you also die for it: We will tax you after you die, because it's always our money, all the time, no matter what or when or how . . . or even when you're not alive.

See the C-SPAN video for yourself, here.